Bespoke new play commission

A new play by a professional playwright developed and written in collaboration with students, with parts written especially for them

A new play on any subject and of any length (typically 20-60 mins) and for any cast size (typically 2-20) written by one of our emerging professional playwrights. The writing process is preceded by a series of creative ideas workshops in which the writer will work collaboratively with students to generate ideas for characters, locations and plots, ensuring young people’s voices and worlds are the heart of the piece and parts specifically written to suit each participant. Play length and development times can be flexible to suit different budgets but would typically require 3-4 ideas sessions followed by a 4-6 week writing period in which up to three drafts will be written, with each draft read by students and their feedback incorporated into subsequent drafts.

Bespoke plays written in close collaboration with students are proven to raise attainment in GCSE Drama, where each part can be tailored to play to individual students’ strengths. Schools will receive published copies of the play text for ongoing use within the school with subsequent year groups. Tamasha’s Artistic Director Fin Kennedy will personally dramaturg each play. School guidelines on tone and content can be adhered to.

This course has previously been delivered for: Mulberry School for Girls, St Paul’s Way Trust School, Robert Clack School, Swanlea School, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school.

Cost: Varies according to length and cast size, please enquire. Email

*A service offered via our Tamasha Playwrights Agency