New Writing

I am a writer and without Tamasha I'd still be a taxi driver. My voice as a northern Asian would be muted and my attempts to open a window on a largely unexplored world would be firmly shut.
Ishy Din, writer of Snookered

Tamasha put people together so they can benefit from supporting each other and parachute in inspirational tutors to kick start the process and provide long term support and allow them to flourish.
Lin Coghlan, playwright and dramaturge on Snookered 

Tamasha’s commitment to new writing is fundamental in ensuring that we continue to hear new and exciting voices
Ayub Khan Din, writer of East is East

We are committed to new writing and giving a platform to uniquely subjective voices is at the bedrock of the work we commission and develop. Our strategy is informed by our mission to aspire to theatre that has the multiple narratives and global perspectives of Britain’s evolving culture and audiences at its heart.  We aim to enable, create and deliver innovative art; propelling today’s unknown talent to become tomorrow’s leading artists and to shape and challenge the mainstream.

Through Tamasha Developing Artists, the company offers writers a unique ladder of opportunity from idea to production – Ishy Din’s Snookered  and Emteaz Hussain’s Sweet Cider were direct results of their participation in a new writing course and subsequent development commissions.

We support the development of new writers in the following ways:

  • We engage with, commission and support emerging writers through the Tamasha Developing Artists programme, offering them opportunities to develop their craft with the company with a view to having the tools for greater employment within Tamasha and beyond. This can include: new writing workshopsbursaries linked to productions and platforms through scratch nights, networking events, and the online gallery. Projects linked to schools or higher education allow writers to have a unique training that equips them to investigate experiences, people and worlds beyond their own e.g, recent work with Mulberry School for Girls and a writers’ group.
  • Through the evolving practice of the Artistic Directors,  we seek exciting creative collaborations and make theatre of varying scale and genre e.g. The Arrival.
  • We also commission established and mid-career artists to work from research, write adaptations, or new plays and musicals that speak to our vision, e.g. Wuthering Heights.

Tamasha is a proud and active member of STAMP - a group of venues and organisations based in London who support and produce new theatre and performance work. Find out more.

Script submissions

Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept unsolicited scripts. We would encourage you to get involved with Tamasha through Tamasha Developing Artists, our scratch nights and new writing workshops and 1on1 sessions with the company.