Kristine Landon-Smith



"Kristine is one of the best and one of my all time favourite directors. She is amazing!" 
Parminder Nagra
(Tamasha's A Tainted Dawn and Fourteen Songs, ER, Bend it like Beckham)

"Given it was 1999 when I was last directed by Kristine, it's a testament to her, that I still hear her questioning voice and astute observations. She’s perceptive and by extension demands you to search deeper" 
Nabil Elouahabi 
(Tamasha’s Balti KingsTop Boy, Zero Dark Thirty)



Actors' Masterclasses
with Kristine Landon-Smith

Also see below for the Open Masterclass on Intracultural Theatre on Friday 16th January at Rich Mix, 4pm - 6pm, £10.

2 day Acting Masterclass
Friday 9th & Saturday 10th January 2015, 10am-6pm daily

2 Day Acting Masterclass for Actors with some experience of Kristine's practice
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th January 2015, 10am-6pm daily

Deadline for applications has now passed but get in touch with the office for any late places that become available!
This opportunity is open to artists from all cultural backgrounds and if you have already participated in one of Kristine’s masterclasses, we’d love to welcome you back again

Due to popular demand, Kristine Landon-Smith will be hosting these masterclasses whilst she is back in the UK. Kristine is currently Lecturer in Acting at NIDA Sydney and returns to the UK for two weeks only. Catch her whilst she’s back!

She will be hosting masterclasses covering two levels of experience:  

Masterclass 1: for actors who want to be introduced to Kristine's intracultural approach, which works with the cultural context that all actors bring to the rehearsal room. Actors will work to explore her unique actor-centred model; working with pre-learnt speeches, extracts from both classic and modern texts and improvisation. Kristine, who trained with Philippe Gaulier, focuses on play: how to help the actor play well at all times, whether it be with improvisation or text, with other actors or with the audience. Kristine’s particular practice helps each actor understand what is unique to them and how to bring their own self to the stage in any role. 

"Amazing workshop, amazing people and the most amazing teacher..."
January 2014 participant

Masterclass 2: for actors with some experience of an intracultural approach already. This workshop is open to those who have already attended one of Kristine’s masterclasses as well as those who have professional experience, wishing to enhance their acting. The workshop will enable actors to work from a range of texts and using a variety of methods to investigate the use of play in the rehearsal room and how to uncover what is unique to each actor so they can bring their own self to the stage in any role. 

"It was wonderful to watch Kristine re-work / develop scenes and monologues and to open up a whole new set of possibilities for both actors and directors."
January 2014 participant

If you are unsure which workshop you would be suited for, do give us a call in the office to discuss.

Cost: This is an intensive training where actors will be working from 10am - 6pm. Cost is £60 per day.
Special offer: bring a friend who is new to TDA and get £10 off the two day booking, ie £110 instead of £120. Limited offer to the first 10 bookers (max. ‘1 friend’ offer each!).

[Please note that payment must be received in advance, upon email confirmation that you have been allocated a place. If you cancel your place on or after Friday 19 December then we will be unable to refund your fee. We will only be able to accept two day bookings. Please contact us if you want to discuss spreading the payment.]

It's easy to apply: Send us an email with your CV/Headshot or Spotlight Link and 300 words on why you want to do the masterclass. Please send to with “January 2015 Masterclass 1 or 2 (delete as appropriate)” in the subject line, making it clear which one you are applying for.

We ask that participants inform us of any requirements before the workshop so that the tutor can adapt to and accommodate needs as necessary. For insurance purposes, Tamasha takes no responsibility for accident or injury. 


Open Masterclass on Intracultural Theatre
led by Kristine Landon-Smith,
Friday 16 January 4pm - 6pm

Kristine will also be running a special one-off public masterclass on Intracultural theatre on Friday 16 January 2015, 4pm - 6pm at Rich Mix, London E1.

Kristine pioneered this approach in the UK and beyond,  which has gained credence as a tried and tested methodology that empowers theatremakers to work with cultural difference and diversity rather than ignoring it. This session is open to anyone interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of the theoretical basis underpinning intracultural theatre, and how this approach has been developed over the years. Attendees will also be given a unique insight into Kristine’s academic research into this practice, which she is currently conducting as part of her MPhil with the University of East London.

The masterclass is open to actors, directors, theatre students and anyone else interested in finding out about this unique approach to making theatre. The session runs from 4-6pm, followed by networking in the bar with Kristine and the Tamasha team.
Tickets are £10 each, and strictly limited and offered on a first come first served basis. To book, email Tickets must be paid for on confirmation of booking.


If you have any further questions or queries, please contact the office on 0207 749 0090 or 

"As a director, Kristine’s approach of ‘play’ rather than ‘act’ has hugely influenced me in my work not only with Tamasha but also outside of it. It’s a great nurturing ground for new talent and a place where one feels really valued and respected."
Shaheen Khan
(Tamasha's A Tainted Dawn and Strictly Dandia, Bend it like Beckham, Rafta Rafta)

"It's so exciting to watch Kristine work - she always challenges actors to work to the very best of their ability. She sensitively draws from an individual's own place in the world, helping them to enrich their work through their cultural background (linguistic or geographical). The pleasure to play is utmost, which makes the work an utter joy."
Jen Tan, TDA artist