Nadim Sawalha,
All I Want is a British Passport,

Nadim Sawalha in All I Want is a British Passport

“A show that has all the
makings of a cult hit”
Daily Telegraph

All I Want is a British Passport! (2003)

by Nadim Sawalha

This satirical one-man show charts Mohamed Al Fayed’s defiant clashes with an unwelcoming British government in his quest for citizenship.  Set shortly after the death of Dodi and Diana, when his story was rarely out of the news, it provides a witty insight into the mind of the man with the most famous ‘corner shop’ in the world.

Nadim’s imagination was captured when he portrayed Al Fayed in the BBC docudrama Justice In Wonderland.  He subsequently met with the man himself for coffee and cake at Harrods, before embarking on a period of extensive research.  The result was a thought-provoking comment on government, authority and immigration, which attracted a dedicated following during its many outings.


Director  Kristine Landon-Smith
Designer  Sue Mayes
Lighting Designer  Luke Girling
Cast  Nadim Sawalha