Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us with an enquiry, take a look to see if your question is answered below.

What does Tamasha mean?

Tamasha is a Hindi word meaning ‘show’, ‘spectacle’ or ‘commotion’.   Top ^

When was Tamasha established?

1989.  Click here for a history of the Company.  Top ^

How is Tamasha funded?

Tamasha is funded by Arts Council England as part of its National Portfolio. Tamasha raises the additional funds it needs from trusts & foundations, individuals and other private sources.  Top ^

Can I interview someone from Tamasha for my project / dissertation?

You may find that your query has been covered on this page, or in one of the interviews and features which we have published on this site.  If you would still like to meet with someone, please write to us in the first instance, and they will try to accommodate your request, time permitting.  Top ^

Does Tamasha work with a permanent "company" of actors?

No, we cast shows according to the requirements of each individual production.   Top ^

I am an actor - how can I audition?

We only hold auditions when we are casting for a specific production.  We tend to use our own files when inviting people to audition.  Additionally, we may issue a Casting Director for some productions or send a casting breakdown through Spotlight. 

We welcome CVs & headshots at any time which will be kept on file and looked at afresh during each casting process.  If you would like to be considered, please send us a hard copy of your current CV and headshot for the attention of the Artistic Directors.  You might like to consider taking part in one of the Tamasha Developing Artist workshops, which have proved an excellent way for artists to begin a relationship with the Company.  Top ^

How do I go about inviting someone from Tamasha to a performance I am involved in?

Invitations marked for the attention of Fin can be sent by post to our offices or by email to  Please note, however, that they receive many invitations and are unable to attend everything.   Top ^

Can Tamasha recommend any Asian actors or help with my specific casting requirements?

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we are unable to provide casting advice.  However, we do keep extensive files of actors’ CVs, and we are happy for you to pop in and have a look - simply call the office and arrange a convenient time.   Top ^

Do you offer work experience?

Tamasha occassionally offers voluntary work placements, ideal for anyone considering a career in theatre.  Click here for more information.    Top ^

Does the company run courses or workshops?

We run a number of professional development initiatives for performers, playwrights, directors and designers.  Click to read about the Tamasha Developing Artists programme.   Top ^

Do you accept unsolicited scripts?

No - not currently. Click here to read our New Writing policy.   Top ^

Do you sell play texts, videos or music of your productions?

Play texts for many of the company’s productions are available to buy, subject to availability.  Click here for more info.  We do not sell videos or DVDs of our productions: any footage we have is purely for archive or promotional purposes.  Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to sell music from our shows: the exception is Fourteen Songs, Two Weddings and a Funeral, a CD soundtrack of which can be purchased by clicking here.   Top ^

Can I hire props or costumes from Tamasha?

Due to a lack of storage space, we do not keep any props or costumes from past shows.   Top ^

How can I get in touch with someone who I know has worked with Tamasha?

We are unable to give out contact details due to data protection, but if you would like to get in touch with someone, put your request in writing, together with your contact details, and we will forward it on to the person concerned.   Top ^

When will Tamasha be bringing a play to my town?

Tamasha tours nationally and internationally.  The best way to be kept informed of shows in your area is to join our mailing listTop ^

How can I join the mailing list?

Click to join the mailing list.   Top ^

Can you take me off your mailing list?

Send an email to with your name, address and email address and we will remove you from our database.   Top ^