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DANUSIA SAMAL: Performing from Fatal Light by Chloe Moss


DANIEL YORK LOH: Performing from Loves Labour's Lost by William Shakespeare


ASIF KHAN: Performing from Love, Bombs and Apples by Hassan Abdulrazzak


STEFANIE REYNOLDS: Performing A Vow by Wendy Cope


BALVINDER SOPAL: Performing Corinthians 13: 1-8


NICHOLAS KHAN: Performing New Birth by Rabindranath Tagore


KAREN BARTKE: Performing That Reminds Me by Ogden Nash


IMOGEN BUTLER-COLE: Performing Unending Love by Rabindranath Tagore


JENNIFER LIM: Performing One Smile by Hu Shih


KAMMY DARWEISH: Performing from Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare


GRACE CORDELL: Performing from Lava by James Fritz


JOSH HART: Performing Everything Is Going To Be Alright by Derek Mahon


TUYEN DO: Performing Scientific Romance Redux by Tim Pratt


SIMON FURNESS: Performing from The Hotel in Amsterdam by John Osborne


TANYA LORETTA DEE: Performing The Orange by Wendy Cope


SAIKAT AHAMED: Performing Lovers' Infiniteness by John Donne


ELLIE ZEEGEN: Performing I Carry Your Heart With Me by EE Cummings


GERARD JAMES McNALLY: Performing Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare 


EUGENIA LOW: Performing I Held You In The Square by Ben Okri


KATH BURLINSON: Performing A Birthday by Christina Rossetti


RADHIKA AGGARWAL: Performing Tiny Step by Sharmila Chauhan


TIRAN AAKEL: Performing Sonnet 23 by William Shakespeare


SABRINA RICHMOND: Performing Wild Geese by Mary Oliver


BETH FRIEDEN: Performing from And Baby Makes Seven by Paula Vogel


GEORGE RICHMOND-SCOTT: Performing Love Comes Quietly by Robert Creeley


ANDREW JOSHI: Performing When You Are Old by WB Yeats


GEORGINA JANE: Performing from Stardust by Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn


ULRIKA KRISHNAMURTI: Performing Sonnet 115 by William Shakespeare


MARK 'MR T' THOMPSON: Performing The People In Life by Mark 'Mr T' Thompson


GLENNA MORRISON: Performing A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns


SAKUNTALA RAMANEE: Performing Blissful by Sabrina Richmond


AMY WARHURST: Performing When Is That Golden Moment? by Eileen Hession


LARA SAWALHA: Performing Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelou


AARTI SHAH: Performing from Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare 


MOJISOLA ADEBAYO: Performing 'In the Day You Darken in the Sun' from Moj of the Antarctic: An African Odyssey by Mojisola Adebayo


LAILA ALJ: Performing Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare


SHERI SADD: Performing Invisible Kisses by Lemn Sissay


MAANUV THIARA: Performing from Constellations by Nick Payne


VALENZIA SPEARPOINT: Performing Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare


LAW BALLARD: Performing For a Friend by Jimmy Somerville





































#NHSLove is a Tamasha initiative to boost the morale of frontline NHS staff during the coronavirus crisis, all through the power of Twitter and one hashtag. We want to send messages of LOVE to them through content they can dip into for a boost, whenever they can. 

Supported by Equity

So Actors! If you have a monologue, speech or poem on the theme of Love and you're ready to read them out, we want to hear from you! Let's get reading, recording, sharing and giving back some love to the people putting themselves on the frontline to help save our lives.


In the meantime, watch some beautiful actors expressing their love and gratitude to our National Health Service, through their chosen texts. 



How you can get involved! 



  • If you have a text you know and love, please suggest it. It must be to do with Love in some way, however subtly. Sexy is fine too! We want a range of speeches, styles and tones, with something for everyone. But LOVE is our theme and what we are sending to the NHS - ideally upbeat and 'in love' rather than heartbroken love! We also have a range of suggested texts*, so if you feel stuck, dig in. Shakespeare and classical tests are at the start or scroll down for contemporary ones.
  • Speeches can be poems or speeches from plays, and from any period/genre/style. The point is you feel an emotional connection with the text, as that will shine through in your performance. One actor sent us a Tagore poem which reminds him of his son being born. This kind of thing is perfect.
  • Running time should be between 1 and 3 mins, so viewers can consume several in a short break.
  • Once you've found your text, you can record it independently in whatever way you like (phone camera is fine) and enlist family/friends to help film if you want/need, observing social distancing where appropriate obvs. We prefer video over audio as visuals are important on social media plus it would be nice to see faces to make more of a connection. If you want to record it somewhere nice in the Spring weather, like balcony or garden, rather than indoors, that is of course great (though be aware of background noise and the usual social distancing). Sometimes of course there's a good reason to do it indoors, because a location is referenced or implied in the text e.g. a bedroom.
  • Please shoot your video in landscape rather than portrait. 
  • Don't shoot against a wall - some depth of field with some space in the background works better.
  • Try to find a natural light source like a window rather than artificial light.
  • If artificial light is unavoidable, don't stand directly under the light.
  • If filming outdoors only do so on a still day, even a gentle breeze interferes with the mike.
  • Keep the camera at eye level, especially on a laptop.
  • Don't stand too far from the camera, it affects the volume.
  • Beware of electrical background noise indoors like fridges, air con or fish tanks. Switch these off.
  • Please allow a pause of at least two seconds at the start and end of the speech to allow a fade out and slate to be added.
  • Please address the camera as the person you are speaking to - it can be distracting if you keep having to look away to read from a text.
  • If possible, please learn your speech, or if not, print and pin it directly behind the camera to avoid having to look away.
  • Please don't say anything other than the words of the text you have chosen, and no need to say the title and writer of your piece, just put it in a covering message. Please don't add any additional messages of support for the NHS, this is all about the speech!
  • If you want rehearsal and direction, please say so, we have lots of directors we could involve in this and hook you up over Zoom/Skype for some notes before recording, or to send takes to before finalising which one to use.
  • Recordings should be sent to Fin Kennedy at fin@tamasha.org.uk via WeTransfer or similar. Please don't pass the video file through WhatsApp or similar, social media automatically compresses file sizes so the quality is poor. File size for a 1-3 minute clip should be 80MB-250MB. Please don't upload anything to Twitter independently! (At least not yet). If it is coordinated through Tamasha at first it will have most impact. We can put them out a few at a time in a way which will build viewers and gather likes and retweets etc. We can also ask venue partners etc to re-tweet, and put out a press release with the names of those taking part. It would be nice if some actors are open to speaking to press about why they're taking part and the text they have chosen. For any uploading questions, please contact admin@tamasha.org.uk.
  • Spread the word and keep 'em coming! You can record more than one if you like. We're hopeful this might really take off. Once it does we are open to actors uploading them independently, but we'll let you know when that is.
  • There is no particular deadline, this is an open and ongoing project which can grow over time, so please record yours in your own time and send it through whenever you're happy with it. Sadly this crisis looks like it won't be over any time soon so we can keep uploading new ones to keep spirits up for as long as we have actors who want to do it!

*Those suggested texts are just a selection from an initial social media call out, they are not a definitive list. If you would like to suggest one to be added, please email fin@tamasha.org.uk This is a living document and we'll do our best to keep it alive by updating it when new suggestions come in. It would be great to get some more international suggestions, the list is a bit Euro/Western-centric right now. There's also a lot more poetry than speeches from plays, so we'd like to get more theatre on the list. So feel free to send in suggestions. And remember our theme is LOVE (in a good way, not heartbreak). Massive thanks to everyone who helped compile this list so far, but especially Imogen Butler-Cole who suggested most of the Shakespeare and several of the contemporary texts. Also to members of the Tamasha Playwrights group who helped transcribe suggestions sent as photos. 


If you have a speech on the theme of Love you'd like to submit, for consideration by actors taking part, please send it to fin@tamasha.org.uk. We are making every effort to contact living writers whose work features on our list, but as a rapid response initiative to the coronavirus crisis, this work is ongoing. If your work appears here and you'd rather it didn't, please let us know and we'll remove it.

That's it! Feel free to forward these instructions to anyone who's interested.