Small Lives Global Ties

If we create and make art from where we are, can we reach a wider world?

'Small Lives Global Ties' is a central theme running through Tamasha's current projects and we will be building on this further over the coming years. Our work to date has  focused on the ‘personal’ and ‘culturally specific’ and aims to tell stories and showcase work that is nuanced and particular, yet chime with universal truth. With the Tamasha Online Gallery we are keen to provide a space that reaches outwards to the broader international landscape, inviting commissions that from the intimate, personal story connect us to the wider world. We are thrilled to present this diverse range of work from artists working in a variety of different disciplines and tie it together in a gallery that will grow.

Associate Artists & Artists

We are thrilled to be working in collaboration with Associate Artists including New York City based theatre artist and director, Krystal Banzon who has produced a strand of the Small Lives Global Ties Gallery, commissioning six international artists.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to bring six talented international artists together from different disciplines - Harjant Gill, Azul Ceballos, Jenny Logico, Che-Wei Wang, Stewart Melton and Sophia Wallace.  Their ingenious and insightful work has connected our small lives to a larger one - one larger than difference, brighter than a computer screen, and as hopeful as artistic creation."
Krystal Banzon

We also have pieces from Tamasha Developing Artist, Anna Nguyen, two short films from Associate Artist Kuldip Powar, and pieces inspired by the theme of migration commissioned in association with Tamasha production The Arrival from BAFTA, a short Emmy award-winning filmmaker Sheila Hayman and sound artist Oswaldo Macia with Juan Toledo, a poem from Avaes Mohammed, piece from TDA Artist Fariyal Wallez as well as a selection of entries from all over the world to our Who's Behind the Wheel digital video competiton.



We feel that the this gallery should be a space that can organically grow with work on the theme 'Small Lives Global Ties' ... if you have any ideas or comments please email