Kristine Landon-Smith

"Kristine is one of the best and one of my all time favourite directors. She is amazing!" Parminder Nagra (Tamasha's A Tainted Dawn and Fourteen Songs, ER, Bend it like Beckham)

"Kristine Landon-Smith directs with an impeccable sense of social comedy, full of embarrassment, hilarity and pain." East Is East, Sunday Times  

I Walk In your Words 

Kristine Landon Smith & Associates in collaboration with Tamasha Theatre

Immediate, nimble and authentic; headphone verbatim allows for a fast and agile response to the quickly changing political landscape. In developing this technique, its pioneer, Anna Deveare-Smith led a revolution in theatre in 1990s America.

Following Deveare-Smith’s footsteps, I Walk in Your Words is a piece of theatre developed in a matter of weeks – co-founder and former Artistic Director of Tamasha, Kristine Landon-Smith has worked alongside Tamasha Developing Artists to teach actors the headphone verbatim technique. Giving theatre artists the tools to respond rapidly to the issues of the day could not be more crucial in the current global political climate.

The diverse collective of performers have conducted taped interviews with their extended communities which have then been edited & woven into a narrative touching on both the political & personal experience. The material is performed truly verbatim – the actors wear headphones listening to the interviews as they perform. This allows every idiosyncratic detail of the speaker to be captured by the performer. The result - a series of poignant, unpredictable, tender, funny and honest testimonies.

Join Kristine and her creative team for a post-show masterclass in headphone verbatim and learn how to make a show in 10 weeks!

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Date: Saturday, 18 March 2017, 7:30pm
Venue: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
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