Photograph by Robert Day

Important news

20th September 2012
Kristine is appointed as Lecturer in Acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, Australia

We would like to announce some significant news. Tamasha’s co-founder and Artistic Director Kristine Landon-Smith has been appointed as Lecturer in Acting at NIDA in Sydney and will be moving to Australia to take up this position on a full time basis from spring 2013.

Building on the success of her work as a director and her intracultural practice which she has been articulating through Tamasha Developing Artists, Kristine will bring this expertise to an Australian context. NIDA are thrilled that she will help them to carve out pathways to employment for actors from all cultural backgrounds. Kristine grew up in Australia and in recent years has worked with NIDA to bring her specific practice to their students, giving masterclasses and directing productions such as East is East (2009) and Port (2011).

“We are thrilled that Kristine Landon-Smith has accepted the position to be the new Lecturer in Acting, commencing Term 2 in 2013. After an exhaustive search of applicants from Australia, Europe and America, the selection committee decided that Kristine was the stand-out candidate. Her wealth of international experience will be an exciting addition to the acting department team.”
Jeff Janisheski, Head of Acting, NIDA

This is a key moment for Tamasha, as Kristine is one of the organisation’s two founder members with Sudha Bhuchar who have grown the company together over the past 23 years. We are delighted that Kristine will maintain some artistic connection and the company will have the opportunity to explore possible international collaborations through this link as she continues to work as a director in the industry. Kristine is also embarking on a PHD in Intracultural Actor Training with the University of East London which she will continue whilst at NIDA.

“This bittersweet moment is a new challenge and an opportunity to consolidate the work that I have been doing around my practice through Tamasha Developing Artists. As a founder member I am full of confidence for the company’s future, continuing its growth and ambition and excited about the opportunities and potential going forward.”

Kristine Landon-Smith, Co-Artistic Director, Tamasha

The past two summers alone in Britain has shown the major importance of intercultural dialogue and a critical understanding, through the Arts, of the challenges faced by the diverse diaspora in which we live. The riots last August brought into sharp focus the continued inequalities suffered by migrant communities. As a nation, we've had more to celebrate and showcase this summer, with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. Although it's too early to tell what lasting legacy these events will have on our cultural psyche, they nevertheless throw up some critical new questions about identity in today's Britain and the relationship that diverse communities living in all parts of the world have to one another. Exploring these critical themes, through the medium of the Arts, is ultimately what Tamasha is about. It is our raison d'etre.

We are looking forward to exciting circus-theatre production The Arrival, in collaboration with Circus Space, directed by Kristine, which will be touring the UK in spring as well as Tamasha Developing Artists’ continued growth, delivering bespoke training and tangible professional opportunities.