Kristine Landon-Smith. Photo by Robert Day.

Kristine Landon-Smith

Kristine Landon-Smith is a theatre practitioner, cultural entrepreneur and educator. She has recently returned to the UK after completing a three year posting as Senior Lecturer in Acting at The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Australia. She joined the institution in 2013 after more than 22 years as a Founder member and Artistic Director of Tamasha Theatre, one of Britain's leading middle scale touring companies specialising in artist training, new writing and intracultural theatre practice. Prior to founding Tamasha, Kristine was a Senior Producer for BBC Radio Drama, and a freelance director and teacher. She currently freelances as a teacher and director in the UK and Australia.

Kristine has been hugely influenced by French pedagogue and clown master Philippe Gaulier. Her intracultural practice approach develops the idea of bringing one's own personality to the stage as a first port of call. Kristine's work is particularly focused on utilizing the cultural context of the performer rather than not engaging with or disavowing one's own cultural identity. She has just been awarded an MPhil from the University of East London for a practice based research project on intracultural actor training.

I have developed a methodology for directors, teachers and actors that seeks to speak back to discriminatory practices by opposing the idea of neutral;, in which actors'; differences are stripped away and;the assumption of a shared universality” (Bharucha, 2000: 35) is favoured. After all, the category of ‘neutral’ more often than not overlaps with the identity of the cultural authority, and so is not in fact politically neutral.

The methodology offers a pathway to step beyond notions of identity as “fixed” and instead engage with identity as something that is fluid and ever changing. For individuality to flourish, teachers and directors need to develop an understanding of how to embrace and play with difference on the rehearsal room floor and move their focus away from a “one approach fits all” mentality. The methodology offers ways to work courageously with multifarious personalities and diverse historical narratives as a rich resource in the realisation of work for performance”.

"As a director, Kristine’s approach of ‘play’ rather than ‘act’ has hugely influenced me in my work not only with Tamasha but also outside of it. It’s a great nurturing ground for new talent and a place where one feels really valued and respected."
Shaheen Khan (Tamasha's A Tainted Dawn and Strictly Dandia, Bend it like Beckham, Rafta Rafta)

"Kristine is one of the best and one of my all time favourite directors. She is amazing!
Parminder Nagra (Tamasha's A Tainted Dawn and Fourteen Songs, ER, Bend it like Beckham)

Kristine Landon-Smith directs with an impeccable sense of social comedy, full of embarrassment, hilarity and pain.’
East Is East, Sunday Times

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