New Muslim Voices
Photo by
Katherine Leedale

Cast and Creative Team

Liz Jadav, Muzz Khan, Tommy O’Neill
Natalie Perera, Michael Quartey 

Writers and pieces:
The Plot by Asif Khan
His and Hers by Iman Qureshi
The Peace Code by Mediah Ahmed
Breaking Ties by Mahad Ali

Shazia Ashraf
Jen Tan

Social Investor:

Anshu Srivastava of MRA Architecture.

We're back with another Tamasha 'scratch night' - a sneak peek of script-in-hand performances of exciting new short plays still in development.

New Muslim Voices features new work from four Muslim writers from our in-house playwrights group. Each has been commissioned to explore alternative voices of Muslim men in modern British drama.  The four new short plays are currently in development. Here is a flavour of what to expect:

The Plot by Asif Khan
Actor Umar is being auditioned by casting director Lucy for the lead role of 'Ahmed' in new Channel 4 drama 'The Plot', written by two liberal, white British screenwriters. When asked by the director to put on his best ‘terrorist accent’, Umar has a tricky decision to make. A comedy about well-intentioned racial stereotyping by those who go out of their way to avoid it.

His and Hers by Iman Qureshi
Zain is not like the other young boys. He loathes football, will only use the school loo when no one else is around and would rather wear dresses and red lip stick than Batman T-shirts.  Is this all a bridge too far for his adopted Muslim mother?  And how will Naani react!?

The Peace Code by Mediah Ahmed
Two doctors running a human drug trial, one white and one Asian, debate the surprising results of a new drug designed to curb violence. Prof. Aziz takes drastic measures when she discovers the drug might not only cure violence but religion too.

Breaking Ties by Mahad Ali
Hassan’s love for Maryam is tested after he finds out his wife accepted a lift home from her former lover. Just as the Prophet was kindest to his wives, he learns the power of forgiveness. But how far will his new found philosophy go when he discovers it was his meddling mother-in-law’s nasty work? A new play attempting to undermine every stereotype about Muslim men you have ever seen.

Proposed and co-commissioned by social investor Anshu Srivastava of MRA Architecture, in collaboration with Tamasha.

Anshu Srivastava grew up in a working class Northern town, studied architecture in London and was politicised through the Anti-Apartheid movement. He holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies and for the past fifteen years has run his own international design studio MRA Architecture & Interior Design. MRA has grown to become a world renowned practice in the field of fashion retail design, working for a host of international clients, such as Nike, Jimmy Choo and Agent Provocateur –

Anshu is committed to an active civic life which avows his political and cultural identitiy, formerly as a state school governor and today as a board member of Tamasha and his local community charity Bold Vision. Anshu is often invited to speak at seminars and participate in round-tables.

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Date: Monday, 19 Sept 2016, 7:00pm 
Venue: Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE
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Previous scratch night audience feedback:

"I love the Tamasha scratch nights. Always interesting, challenging, great way for artists to try stuff out."

"Meaningful, universal, engaging, worthwhile."

"Really good event. I am a writer, just starting off and it was a fantastic experience to be able to witness (rather than just read) and contribute to ‘work in progress’ – thanks for the opportunity."