Scratch Night Emerging Producer Bursary

As part of our Tamasha Developing Artists (TDA) programme, Tamasha is offering a developmental opportunity to an emerging producer or curator, to work with us on delivering our regular Scratch events at Rich Mix. This role is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Deadline for submissions midday, Monday 24th February 2014 

Key responsibilities:
* Working with the Tamasha team to identify potential themes where relevant for each event.
* Developing a detailed event plan and schedule for each event, outlining commissioning and contracting dates, agreement of the full programme, rehearsal and tech schedules etc.
* Developing and managing a budget for its delivery
* Leading the commissioning process for each Scratch event, including conceiving and drafting the call-out and liaising with the Marketing Manager to publicise as necessary on social media and other platforms, managing submissions, shortlisting, and dealing with all enquiries. It is envisaged that this will involve commissions for live events and content for the Online Gallery.
* Being responsible for all aspects of contracting artists, including issuing all agreements for artists, performers, technical staff and those exhibiting work on site or on the online gallery. Managing all agreements and monitoring payments.
* Developing workshop programmes for the events as necessary – including identifying potential workshop leaders and advertising opportunities widely.
* Liaising with Rich Mix, the current host venue, on all aspects of the events, including the technical requirements, rehearsal schedules, box office and other venue support as needed.
* Supporting the TDA Project Manager and Fundraising Consultant in fundraising for Scratch events as appropriate.
* Working with Tamasha’s Marketing Manager and other team members to promote and publicise the Scratch event and Online Gallery as necessary.
* Reporting to the TDA Project Manager as necessary on an ongoing basis and providing regular updates to the core team at company meetings.
* Being the central point of contact for all aspects of the Scratch events, including where appropriate content for the online gallery.
* Leading the evaluation of the events – including audience feedback and feedback from all artists involved.
* Other such duties as are deemed necessary to ensure the smooth management and running of the Scratch events. 

Timeframe and fee
It is envisaged that the Scratch Producer will work with Tamasha to deliver three events during the period of this bursary. The Scratch dates are:
20th June 2014:  confirmed
September 2014:  date to be confirmed
January 2015:  date to be confirmed

The role will run for approximately one year, from March 2014 until February 2015, with work being undertaken on a part-time, as needed basis over that period of time (number of working days and allocation of time / dates to be agreed on appointment). The bursary fee is £4000 in total. 

To apply: Please submit your CV, along with a one page outline covering:
* Why this opportunity interests you and what you hope to get out of it
* How this role will support your professional development
* Your skills and experience in relation to the requirements of the role

Please note our next Scratch night is scheduled to take place on Friday 28th February 2014 and applicants interested in applying are encouraged to attend. 

Deadline for submissions midday, Monday 24th February 2014 

Applications should be sent to  marked ‘TDA Scratch Producer bursary’. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted shortly after this date and will be asked to come in for an informal chat about the role with Tamasha staff.

If you have any further questions about this opportunity please contact the Tamasha offices on 0207 749 0090 or email

Tamasha gratefully acknowledges support from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.