Divian Ladwa & Sonia Likhari 
The Trouble with Asian Men,
touring Spring 2007


“Highly entertaining, enough to make you snort with laughter.” 
The Guardian

The Trouble with Asian Men

created by Sudha Bhuchar, Kristine Landon-Smith and Louise Wallinger

Macho men or metrosexual guys?
Mummy's boys tied to the apron strings, or husbands under the thumb?

Whether they're City bankers with designer wives, secretive sons with double lives, or Bradford 'brothers' with village ties, these spirited Asian men have all got roots. So what are they really like behind closed doors?

Created entirely from real-life interviews with members of the British public, Tamasha's first verbatim show lifted the lid on the modern-day Asian man and enjoyed sell-out audiences across the UK.

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