“Lotus Beauty” by Satinder Chohan

Set in a London beauty salon, we eavesdrop on the lives of the clients and therapists where their extraordinary worlds are revealed. Truth is stranger than fiction, and in this play, inspired by verbatim research, secrets, lies, murder and suicide are all unearthed as bikini lines are waxed and hair dyes applied. Beauty hurts and so does life.

Satinder has worked extensively in journalism, publishing, documentary research and new media, often around South Asian issues. She began developing her first play Zameen with Kali Theatre Company, who produced the play at Soho Theatre. She was one of the emerging writers resident at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre, before receiving a grant from the Arts Council to develop Zameen in both India and the UK. In 2008, Zameen embarked on a national tour. She is currently developing Kabaddi-Kabaddi-Kabaddi with Pursued by a Bear and writing a feature film set in her hometown of Southall. She is one of five writers on attachment at Hampstead Theatre.

Sudha Bhuchar, co-Artistic Director of Tamasha:

In Lotus Beauty as in her remarkable play Zameen, Satinder shows her talent for meticulously unearthing and researching stories and unpeeling the layers that lie beneath the surface. Her tenacity in unveiling and searching for ‘truth’ is apparent in this story of the lives of five women.