“Snookered” by Ishy Din

"Snookered" by Ishy Din

It is the sixth anniversary of T’s death. His four friends meet up in their local snooker hall, as they do every year, to celebrate T’s life.  But as they excavate the past and measure their own lives against T’s, things threaten to explode. Secrets are revealed and allegiances shift as quickly as the drinks are downed. Can they put to rest the guilt they feel over T’s untimely death? And will their friendship survive the final betrayal? Ishy has a great sense of comedy and Snookered is peppered with the wonderful Punjabi-English urban patois that is developing in northern towns.

Ishy Din’s script John Barnes saved my life was shortlisted as part of Radio 5 Live’s Sports Shorts competition and aired in 2004. He has since been commissioned to write a piece for the BBC Brief Encounters series, has also written for BBC Radio Newcastle and came second in the British Asian writing competition BANG! in 2007. He is currently developing a play for Radio 4, working on a development commission of a piece called Sustenance with Deborah Bruce for New Writing North as well as developing a short film Hijab, and a screenplay called Fraud.

Sudha Bhuchar, co-Artistic Director of Tamasha:

Ishy’s ear for sparky and idiosyncratic dialogue was the catalyst for this play which began to emerge from a scene written during his two weeks on our last New Writing course. In this truly original examination of the lives of four young Muslim men over the course of one night,  Ishy displays a maturity of understanding the delicate balance between friendship and betrayal.

The development of Snookered was kindly supported by a grant from the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust in 2009.