“Zindabad” by Avaes Mohammad

Zain endeavours, quite simply, to make money by any means necessary.  Where his father’s hands were rubbed flat working for his peers, Zain’s hands remain lined with ambition so deep that he too becomes willing to exploit his own people. Avaes’s poignant play charts the rise of a second generation immigrant in Lancashire’s tight Pakistani community, for whom the burden of their parents’ fate still weights heavy on their shoulders.

Avaes is an established playwright, poet and performer.  In 2005 he was recipient of the Amnesty International Media Award for his poem Bhopal, broadcast as part of the BBC’s commemoration of the Bhopal gas disaster. Works for theatre have included In God We Trust and Shadow Companion.  He has also written Bora Bistrah for Radio 3, as well as the BBC co-produced short film Take It Slow.

Sudha Bhuchar, co-Artistic Director of Tamasha:

Avaes’s journey on Zindabad has been truly exciting and there is a blistering family play emerging that is both deeply personal and particular, yet telling the story of a whole People and their links to Pakistan, which threaten fragile family ties in Britain. An untold ‘father and son’ story.