Birthday Begum performed by Mulberry Theatre Company

Staging a Re-Fuel play

If you are interested in taking part in Re-Fuel and staging a performance, contact Assistant Producer Nisha Oza on or for an informal chat call 020 7749 0090


A Tamasha Schools Project to accompany the 2019 UK tour of Approaching Empty

is a fantastic new theatre project for Year 7 - Year 10 school groups and youth theatres across the UK as part of our spring 2019 tour of our major new production, Approaching Empty by taxi driver-turned award-winning playwright Ishy Din.  

Secondary schools and youth theatres are invited to apply to rehearse and perform a professionally-scripted Re-Fuel show as a pre-show performance on the set of Approaching Empty.

The Re-Fuel Plays

There are four 20-minute plays with large ensemble casts to choose from. Developed by Tamasha's writers with young people aged 12 - 16, each play is set in a minicab office to thematically link it to the play.

All four plays have been written by British Muslim writers, and contain leading roles for young Muslim performers but can accommodate mixed casts.

Birthday Begum by Iman Qureshi
Hasina Begum is all dressed up and waiting for her granddaughters to meet her at the minicab office for a special day out for her 80th birthday. She waits and waits, but they never show. Instead, she meets Shaz, her fairy godson, who grants her three wishes….

Entangled by Mahad Ali 
In a near-future wasteland, two rival groups descend on an abandoned minicab office, seeking shelter for the night. All are refugees from a war caused by adults, but can they put their differences aside and share the few resources they find?

North-West Side Story by Mediah Ahmed 
In Cricklewood, northwest London, Kosovan-run family firm NW Cars is closing down, and the rival Uber family moving in. The families clash, but when the son of one falls for the daughter of the other, sparking a chain of events which neither family foresees.

The Lady by Asif Khan 
At a kids-only Eid party in Homera’s dad’s minicab office, tensions flare between cliques in the aftermath of a recent terror attack. Some adolescent fun with a Ouija board turns serious when a spooky presence appears and asks the group to do one final thing for her, before she passes on.

How to Stage a Re-Fuel show

If you are interested in taking part in one of our Re-Fuel performances, contact Assistant Producer Nisha Oza on or for an informal chat call 020 7749 0090

We can send you any of the scripts in advance. You will be invited to choose which one to rehearse and perform publicly on top of the set of Approaching Empty at your local venue. Approaching Empty is currently booked to perform in London, Newcastle, Derby, Leicester, Coventry and Hornchurch from Jan - Apr 2019, so we are particularly interested in hearing from schools or youth theatres in these areas.

Tamasha is able to offer small bursaries to schools to offset production costs, and we will provide a visit from a professional theatre director to watch a run-through, supporting teachers with notes ahead of t performance. The plays can also be performed in school, if desired.

Re-Fuel is generously sponsored by Amal | Photo © Bettina Adela