A project marking the start of Tamasha's 21st year ›

Playing with Cultures 

Kristine Landon-Smith talks about her practice ›

Verbatim theatre masterclass

 Kristine gives a verbatim theatre masterclass in Sydney  ›


Doing intracultural theatre, observations on the practice, by Andrea Milde

Andrea Milde is a rehearsal researcher and applied linguist at the interface of spoken communication and the arts, with expertise in the field of conversations in rehearsals, performance and other artistic creative processes, she observed Tamasha's particular intracultural practice.

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Lyrical MC - a conversation

Tamasha production Lyrical MC eavesdrops inside classrooms and corridors, and invites us to tune in to the lyrical ‘chat’ of Britain’s secondary school students. This is a transcript of the post show discussion which brought up many topics surrounding this >

Voices from a Classroom

A feature from Drama magazine on the Creative Partnerships enquiry project between Tamasha and a north London secondary school  ›

City Lives, International Ties

A transcript of the panel conversation from the inaugural event of the London Hub of Sustained Theatre held at the Jellyfish Theatre in October 2010 ›

Using, not ignoring, the cultural background of the performer

A transcript of a masterclass run by Kristine Landon-Smith at NIDA in Sydney, demonstrating her unique actor-centred model of practice ›

In Conversation

The result of a recent collaboration between ACE and Tamasha which looked at the current positioning of culturally diverse artists and performing arts companies ›

Navigating difference: 
cultural diversity and audience development

Navigating difference is a debate about issues that are at the heart of what it means to be British today. Leading voices from the arts discuss the relevance of cultural diversity and cultural identity to the arts. Includes an article by Kristine Landon-Smith › 

Tamasha Blog

Click here to visit our blog with personal blogs and comments from Tamasha Developing Artists as well as the Tamasha team >



Press Articles

Tamasha's vision>
Tamasha’s history from 1989 to the present day.

Please note - many of these resources relate to Tamasha from 1989 - 2013 and Co-Founders Sudha Bhuchar & Kristine Landon-Smith. For more recent news ebulletins click here.

The Story of Tamasha

Desiblitz | 10 Dec 2010
A look back at the company's 21 year history and how Tamasha became one of the most notable British Asian brands ›

Tamasha theatre company turns 21

Guardian Online | 27 Jul 2010 
Online gallery chronicling Tamasha's 21 years in pictures ›

The Trouble with Asian Art

The Guardian | 24 Apr 2008
Sudha Bhuchar's blog about funding for British Asian arts ›

The next generation of Asian theatre

The Guardian | 22 Jan 2008
Kristine Landon-Smith responds to Michael Billington on British Asian theatre beyond the main producing houses ›

The real reason for the boom in multicultural theatre

The Guardian | 23 May 2007
Kristine Landon-Smith on the work of BME companies nurturing diverse audiences for the arts ›

Bollywood? Pah!

Metro | 10 Jan 2006
In Rohinton Mistry's novel, A Fine Balance, set in India, a man from a low caste demands to be allowed to vote ›

Across the Great Divides

The Times | 7 Jan 2006
Sudha Bhuchar's theatre company depicts Asian lives, but its message is for everyone ›

Shy girl who grew up to launch stage stars

Evening Standard | 26 May 2005
As a child she was so painfully shy she could barely look people in the eye. But, dragged along to an afterschool drama club by her outgoing older sister, Sudha Bhuchar discovered her voice on the stage ›

Spotlight: Asian Theatre

The Independent | 16 Jan 2004
Ask anyone in the business to name an Asian theatre company and they will come up with Tara or Tamasha. The more informed may add Kali or Moti Roti. After that, they are stuck ›

High Kicking Up a Storm

The Scotsman | 19 Aug 2003
Tamasha means "commotion" in Hindi and that’s exactly what the theatre company is hoping to create at the Edinburgh International Festival next week... More ›

Artists first, Asians second

Evening Standard | 3 Oct 2001
As little as 10 years ago, Indo-Asian culture in Britain was largely restricted to cricket grounds, curry houses, temples and mosques... More ›

Stealing the Show

The Guardian | 6 Dec 1989
With theatre a new word to Asian business people, and competition for funds fierce, it takes guts and tenacity to launch a new ethnic theatre company. Particularly when you’re women… More ›