A festival of short plays written for, and performed by, London’s school students

Saturday 21 June 2014, 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Rich Mix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
£5/£3 concessions. Box office: 020 7613 7498

Monday 23 June 2014, 7.30pm
Soho Theatre (main house), 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE
£5/£3 concessions. Box office: 020 7478 0100

Four London schools. Five professional playwrights. Seven short plays. Forty young performers. New theatre writing as you’ve never seen it before - switched on and socially engaged, with young people performing plays they themselves helped to create.

In 2013, five of London’s most exciting emerging professional playwrights Alia Bano, Rex Obano, Morna Regan, Jane Wainwright and Abi Zakarian signed up for the UK’s first ever playwrights-in-schools training scheme. The playwrights trained in Mulberry School for Girls in Shadwell before starting up their own residencies in three others schools nearby. These hilarious, hopeful and heartbreaking short plays are the result.

Featuring young actors and teacher-directors from Mulberry School for Girls, St Paul’s Way Trust School, Robert Clack School and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.

Each of the plays runs for approx. 20 mins. Running orders vary – please check with the box office.

Etta In The Night by Morna Regan and Abi Zakarian
When Etta runs from her East London flat after a fight with her mother, the night-time London she encounters is a different world.
Performed by students from St Paul’s Way Trust School, Bow
Directed by Jen Verity

The Princess Party by Alia Bano
Three girly girls at a sleepover discover what life is really like for three Princesses they once admired.
Performed by students from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, Islington
Directed by Jayne Gold

Diana’s Answer by Morna Regan

Diana Hasan never speaks. But one day her hand goes up in class. And refuses to go down. Then it starts to speak… and it is well sassy.
Performed by students from Mulberry School for Girls
Directed by Sarah Blumenau

How I Skinned My Sister
by Jane Wainwright
Tanya and Afsana are twins with a difference – Afsana’s dead. But since when did that stop anyone from having a life?
Performed by students from Mulberry School for Girls
Directed by Kimberley Sykes

Leftovers by Jane Wainwright
A group of young friends take the law into their own hands to catch a friend’s killer. But the perpetrator is closer than any of them realised.
Performed by students from Robert Clack School, Dagenham
Directed by Sam Butler

The Difference by Rex Obano

In the aftermath of crime which has caused community tensions, three students rehearse a play. But what is real, what is drama, and how far can the friends take control of the script?
Performed by students from Mulberry School for Girls
Directed by Pooja Ghai

Still Lives by Abi Zakarian

When Amisha gets lost during a school trip to an art gallery, she gets an education from the portraits which changes her life.
Performed by students from Mulberry School for Girls
Directed by Miranda Cromwell

Schoolwrights is a co-production between Tamasha,, Soho Theatre and Mulberry School for Girls.

Generously supported by the Wedge Trust, the Writers’ Guild Foundation, the Herbert Smith Trust, the Mackintosh Foundation, Tamasha Theatre Company, Bill & Nini Aldridge, the Steven Prevezer Trust and Arts Council England.