Sudha Bhuchar, Mina Anwar & Shiv Grewal,
A Shaft of Sunlight, 1994

Sudha Bhuchar, Mina Anwar and Shiv Grewal, A Shaft of Sunlight

“Quite simply one of the most mesmerising and absorbing 80 minutes I have ever spent in a theatre.”
Redditch Observer

A Shaft of Sunlight (1994)

by Abhijat Joshi

Set in 1994 Ahmedabad, A Shaft of Sunlight explored the conflict that exists in a marriage between a Hindu and a Muslim, against the backdrop of the explosive communal politics of India.

Originally commissioned for radio by the BBC World Service, Tamasha asked its writer Abhijat Jo, who was living in India, to adapt A Shaft of Sunlight for the stage.  Abhijat’s first visit to England proved to be rather beneficial for him: a Bombay film director saw the play in London, and shortly after his return to India, he became a scriptwriter in Bollywood.


Director  Kristine Landon-Smith
Designer  Sue Mayes
Lighting Designer  Symon Harner
Sound Designer  Mike Furness
Original Cast  Sudha Bhuchar, Shiv Grewal, Roomi Sheik, Charubala Chokshi, Mina Anwar