Tamasha's Snookered

Bush pre-show platform event

The Snookered Generation: juggling cultural expectations with personal dreams 

Gautam Malkani, Zaiba Malik, Ishy Din in conversation with Shiv Malik

Young, British and Asian in a time of national and global insecurity, high unemployment and financial crisis,  - What can Britain offer in 2012  to British Asian youth who are trying to make their way in our society?

Join our panel of authors and commentators to explore what these challenges mean and how the Snookered Generation is trying to meet and conquer them. Journalist Gautam Malkani is the author of Londonstani, a novel of young Asians and white boys (desis and goras) trying to work out a place for themselves in the shadow of the divergent cultures of their parents' generation.  Zaiba Malik's memoir, We Are A Muslim, Please  is a glimpse into growing up in Bradford as a British Muslim in the 70's and 80's.  Ishy Din is the author of Snookered, which first emerged when he took part in a Tamasha Developing Artists New Writing course, Snookered is his first play and heI has been recently awarded a Pearson Playwrights Bursary 2012.  Journalist and commentator Shiv Malik co-authored The Jilted Generation- How Britain Has Bankrupted Its Youth, and is a respected commentator on the society and lives of Britons born after 1979.

Event is FREE but reserve ticket at Box Office (020 8743 5050) and book via phone or online  for the performance of Snookered after the discussion.

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Shiv Malik

Zaiba Malik

Ishy Din