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‘I am a writer and without Tamasha I’d still be a taxi driver. My voice as a northern Asian would be muted and my attempts to open a window on a largely unexplored world would be firmly shut.’ 
Ishy Din, writer of Snookered and Approaching Empty

Tamasha has been causing a commotion in British theatre since 1989.  We tell stories crafted by emerging and established artists, celebrating the lived experience of communities nationwide. Our founding emphasis of championing British Asian talent has broadened, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to amplifing the voices of artists of colour.

For those of you struggling to have your voice heard or your story told, we are here for you. 

We support theatre makers in gaining the skills, knowledge and creative community to create innovative, new work. Tamasha Developing Artists includes masterclasses, showcases, training programmes and networking opportunities, informed by and responsive to the evolving demands of the creative industries. 

We collaborate with partners to commission and produce an artistic programme interweaving live and digital productions, such as audio dramas, walking adventures, magazine-style podcasts and annual touring productions. All staged beyond traditional spaces. 

We work with schools to deliver participatory models to nurture cultural awareness and discussion between teachers and students, and dedicated outreach programmes to facilitate conversations within communities inspired by our work. 

We couldn’t do this without you. 

Tamasha thrives thanks to the artists, practitioners, sponsors and collaborators who give what they can to enable many voices to tell their stories, and to be heard.  Alongside the funding we receive as an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, we must secure additional support to sustain our training and artistic programmes. We seek to do this through our producing activity, partnerships and fundraising. 

We are grateful to The London Community Response Fund (City Bridge Trust) for supporting Tamasha to deliver our 2020 digital programme and professional development programme for London-based artists during the Pandemic. 



If you would like to join us in causing a commotion, we hope you will consider making a donation or getting in touch via the links below.  

Thank you.

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