Tamasha and Hachette Creative Writing Programme

Tamasha are proud to partner up with Hachette UK again on the creative writing course, aimed at culturally diverse theatre writers interested in writing prose fiction and non fiction.

The first course was an 8-week evening class about general fiction writing, aimed at playwrights from Tamasha’s networks looking to diversify their skills into prose. It featured workshops from established novelists, agents, editors and various others. Each writer got assigned an experienced editor as a mentor and worked with them outside of the sessions to write a synopsis and sample chapter of a new novel to be pitched to publishers, something which is ongoing.

This first pilot course went well enough for Hachette to invest in a  second course focusing on speculative fiction (the new name for sci fantasy genres) run by Hachette imprint Gollancz. It is also made up of 8 playwrights all sourced via Tamasha: Nicole Latchana, Danusia Samal, Hari Ramakrishnan, Sumerah Srivastav, Bushra Laskar, Shai Hussain, Sarah Tejal Hamilton and Sian Davila. The format will be the same as last year, with evening sessions at Hachette’s HQ starting from week commencing April 8th 2019.