Inspired by the cultural diversity of the surroundings of the Tamasha office in Tower Hamlets, we wanted to unearth the stories of the Bengali community in the area, who make up almost a third of the borough’s population. With such a significant presence in this concentrated area, it seemed bizarre that there are few spaces that allow for ethnic groups, sub-cultures and other typically marginalised people to be at the helm of a narrative about the place they call home. Thus, the idea for an immersive walking tour was born - launching with The Bengali Guide to Brick Lane in 2019. 


Partnering with Rightful Place Theatre Company, Tamasha will be working with local Bengali women and students at Mulberry UTC to develop the narrative of the immersive adventure. In its first iteration, participants will use specialised interactive software on their own or in small groups to explore the area in and around Brick Lane, taking them on a journey in a magical-realist adventure.


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