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Creative Team


Writer Shaan Sahota

Director Sita Thomas

Sound Designer Farokh Soltani

Dramaturgy Fin Kennedy




Aysha Kala

Stacy Abalogun

Neil D’Souza

Amerjit Deu

Lourdes Faberes

Balvinder Sopal 

Under The Mask

by Shaan Sahota. Directed by Sita Thomas

A Tamasha and Oxford Playhouse co-production. Supported by Sennheiser 


- How do I live with myself if someone gets hurt because of my mistake?

- How do you live with yourself if you walk away?

In March 2020, hundreds of final year medical students finished their studies early, and started work on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the story of one of them, a newly qualified doctor, Jaskaran.

On her first day at work, Jaskaran is deployed to her hospital’s Covid Intensive Care Unit. Nothing prepares her for what she finds. 

Rows of unconscious intubated patients, the rhythmic hiss of ventilators, the screech of alarms indicating abnormal vital signs, the constant rolling of paralysed bodies to prevent bed sores, the pain and blisters of wearing full PPE for 12 hour shifts, and the crying relatives saying goodbye via Skype…. 

This burden was carried alone by a generation of young doctors and nurses, who couldn’t even get a hug from their parents, in case they passed the virus on. 

New writer Shaan Sahota is a junior doctor who lived this experience. She is also a member of the 2020 Tamasha Playwrights group

Under The Mask is Shaan's extraordinary debut, recorded on location in real Covid wards using fully immersive, 360-degree binaural sound, making you feel you’re right there in the moment. A first person doctor’s perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic in British hospitals, putting you, the listener, into their shoes, uncovering a remarkable story of fortitude, hope and strength.


Gathered Listening Events (Socially Distanced) 


Oxford Playhouse

14-15 November 2020



More venues to be announced...


Age guideline: 14+