Photo credit: Bettina Adela


Key Team


Written by Fin Kennedy & Rabiah Hussain

Co-creator & Interactive Dramaturgy Tassos Stevens (Coney)

Director Sita Thomas

Creative Associate Afsana Begum

Sound Designer Sarah Sayeed

Screen Design & Programming Ed Naujokas & Tassos Stevens 


Rightful Place Theatre Community Consultants:

Reshma Begum

Nowshin Sweety

Sabina Khan

Runa Hoque

Ferdous Ahmed


Producer Ellie Browning (Coney)

Digital Producer Malakai Sargeant (Tamasha)

Producer Debo Adebayo (Tamasha)

We Are Shadows: Brick Lane

A Coney & Tamasha Digital joint project in collaboration with Rightful Place Theatre Company, supported by Derwent London and Rich Mix


Be our guest in the land of shadows

There are ghosts in these walls if you listen hard enough

And if you’re here after dark

You might even catch a glimpse….

Join Tamasha artist Afsana Begum and her collaborators from community theatre company Rightful Place, all Brick Lane locals, as they guide you on an adventure around the place they call home. Beyond the curry house strip and trendy bar culture, this place has history. Come and discover the real Brick Lane – from Bengali laskars to Satanic wedding guests, local wrestlers to the street's most successful family  – these people have cast their shadows onto these pavements and invite you to see Brick Lane as you’ve never seen it before.

After a successful soft launch in October 2019, We Are Shadows: Brick Lane is back. The immersive smart phone adventure on foot by Coney & Tamasha is inspired by where we live: E1 in Tower Hamlets. 

Participants’ adventure will begin with a phone call on their mobile phones from which they will be navigated through and around Brick Lane, taking them on a magical-realist journey where shadows are revealed around every corner.

With game design by BAFTA award-winning interactive theatre company, Coney and written by Tamasha’s Artistic Director Fin Kennedy (How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found) and playwright Rabiah Hussain (Spun), and directed by Sita Thomas (Top Girls), your adventure will last around an hour. 

Safety first

We want to make sure our adventurers are safe whilst taking in the shadows of Brick Lane, so here are a few things we’re putting in place.

  • The game can be played individually, but is best played in pairs. We recommend you bring along someone who’s in your ‘bubble’. You can bring along a 'non-bubble' pal, but keep a two-metre distance between you where possible - safety first, kids! 
  • It’s really important that you keep that two-metre distance from people who aren’t in your bubble or group when checking in and taking off on your adventure. 
  • We will stagger your ‘start times’, ensuring no more than 6 adventurers will be in the same place at the same time. 

The adventure is best explored when starting at Rich Mix, and takes place safely outdoors – but be sure to check the weather before you start! Once you've finished your adventure, all players will be treated to post-adventure soft drinks and a chance to meet the team behind We Are Shadows: Brick Lane - just be sure to head to the square opposite the entrance to Rich Mix.



If you have access requirements please get in touch with to discuss alternative models of the game.

A Coney & Tamasha Digital joint project in collaboration with Rightful Place Theatre Company, supported by Derwent London and Rich Mix.

Age limit: 12+

Image © Bettina Adela





Saturday 5 September (preview)

Friday 11 September 

Saturday 12 September

Friday 18 September

Saturday 19 September

Friday 25 September

Saturday 26 September

Friday 2 October

Saturday 3 October 




Booked your adventure? Be sure to download these instructions before you start your adventure.