Image: from Robin by Asheq Akhtar

About the Bradford Team

Writers Nuzhat Ali and Eamon Rooney
Director Aisha Khan
Dramaturgy Ishy Din and Fin Kennedy

About The Stockton Team

Written by Ishy Din
Co-director Evie Manning
Co-director Boz Temple Morris
Drivers Bilal Ahmed, Hanif Khan, Jeff Meaney
Dramaturg Fin Kennedy
Tamasha Developing Artists Producer Georgina Bednar


No Irish 
Performed by Bilal Ahmed
A ‘potty-mouthed’ free market capitalist has his Darwinist views challenged when one of his tenants suffers a personal crisis.

Performed by Jeff Meaney
When a former construction worker-turned-cabby is almost mugged by a young lad he used to work with, it sets him thinking about class, capitalism and power.

Princess Ann
Performed by Hanif Khan
An older Pakistani driver who came to Middlesbrough in the 1960s reflects on how the UK has changed, and whether or not he can carry on.

Audio Installations

A Bag for Life by Cat Clarke
performed by Jeff Meaney
Into The Dust by Victoria Jones; performed by Hanif Khan
My Daughter’s In Love by Titi Ige; performed by Bilal Ahmed
The Changing Room by Rachel Poet; performed by Bilal Ahmed
The Ways We Run by Dan Waldron; performed by Hanif Khan
End of the Road by Gretha Viana; performed by Jeff Meaney

Director: Boz Temple Morris
Sound Editor: Alistair McGregor

Taxi Tales

Taxi Tales is an experimental site-specific community project in which real-life minicab drivers perform monologues to customers in the backs of their cabs.

Inspired by Taxi by Egyptian writer Khaled Al-Khimissi, credited with having predicted the Arab Spring; the creative starting point for playwright Ishy Din and Tamasha’s Artistic Director Fin Kennedy was, if taxi drivers can predict the future, what would ours say?

Most recently, Fin and minicab driver-turned-playwright Ishy Din (Snookered) worked collaboratively with Freedom Studios on a second scratch of Taxi Tales with playwrights Nuzhat Ali and Eamon Rooney, Bradford based minicab drivers and director Aisha Khan at Rich Mix on April 15, 2016, as part of A Nations Theatre.

Originally, Fin and Ishy worked with directors Evie Manning and Boz Temple-Morris in Stockton-on-Tees, North Yorkshire.

On July 10th 2015 at Platform Theatre of Central Saint Martins (CSM), we presented the first exciting sneak preview of this participatory theatre project, in which readings of three 10-minute monologues were performed by minicab drivers from Middlesborough and Stockton-on-Tees, North Yorkshire on stage. This sold out showcase (revived at ARC, Stockton Arts Centre on 21st September) followed on from hugely successful test performances in Stockton on the road and in cars to an invited audience on July 9th! Listen to a full rehearsal take of the Stockton test performances above.

The CSM event also included the exclusive premiere of an audio installation of writing by MA Dramatic Writing students from Central Saint Martins, who wrote their own 5-minute monologues in response to workshops with the drivers.

It was followed by a Q&A with Ishy, the drivers and collaborators Fin, Evie and Boz. A work-in-progress performance, Tamasha hopes to roll the format out into other UK towns and cities next year.


Stockton Audience Feedback: 

Fantastic! A completely immersive experience and sensory journey. Unique. Intimate and could really connect with drivers. 

I loved being in the taxi it felt so real...such a journey...Please come back to Stockton!

A dynamic adventure and mystery tour! I loved it

Love the concept and actually being in the taxis – the drivers did an excellent job! Amazing! 

London Feedback

I loved that it will be performed in the taxi themselves, felt like it was giving a platform to unheard voices that I hear all the time! Authentic, specific voices. 

I think it’s a wonderful idea – a piece of immersive theatre that brings us back to grass roots guerrilla theatre. Would love to experience it in situ.


Tamasha, ARC Stockton, Freedom Studios Bradford, Holy Mountain and Central Saint Martins College. The CSM event was run in partnership with the MA Dramatic Writing at Drama Centre London, Central Saint Martins, as part of London Writers Week.