Nyla Levy and Fadia Qaraman at Tamasha Rich Mix Scratch, September 14 2012

The Arrival TDA Writing Bursary

With the support of the The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, we offered a bursary to a writer to run workshops with a range of local community groups, and to develop a new creative response around the themes of our latest production The Arrival.

The commissioned artist should have experience of working with communities on participatory creative projects, with a particular focus on those from BAME and refugee or other disadvantaged backgrounds. The artist was expected to devise a participatory workshop programme and then deliver an agreed number of workshops between March and April 2013.

It was anticipated that there will a maximum of 15 workshops in total, spread across the venues noted. Workshops could be delivered solely by the commissioned artist, or there is capacity to bring in additional artist(s) to work alongside the commissioned (lead) artist. The workshops should explore some of the themes of The Arrival, and may act as research and development or be part of the final written work.  The commissioned artist was responsible for the full organisation of the workshops, in collaboration with the venues and had overall management responsibility for delivering this programme of work.

As part of the bursary the selected artist was also benefit from being able to observe the rehearsals for The Arrival.

The final piece of work should be a new short piece of creative writing, which will be presented visually on Tamasha's online gallery

We were looking for artists who:
•    have some experience of working with young people or those from a BAMER background
•    who wish to develop their experience of participatory arts further.
•    hold a valid and up to date CRB license, or are prepared to apply for one.

The fee for the writing bursary is £1500 all-inclusive. This should cover artist fees and all other associated costs.

The fee for devising and delivering the workshops will be £100 per day (for each of the artists involved in delivering the workshops), up to a maximum of £1500, with an additional sum of £500 allocated to cover travel and other expenses (including the cost of the CRB checking process if this is required).

How to apply:
Expressions of interest will be judged against the artist’s experience and/or quality of work shown in working in public contexts, creative public engagement and level of innovation within their practice.
Applicants should send a written proposal (maximum of 1000 words). This should include:
•    a description and outline of the proposed work, your creative process and the innovative approach you would bring to the commission
•    your experience of working with groups as well as the potential groups you would be interested in working with, brief timeline and initial budget breakdown. Please also indicate if you would like to work with other TDA artists in the delivery of the workshops or if you intend to run these by yourself.

Please include your CV, and complete a Data and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form which you can download here >

Tamasha gratefully acknowledges support from The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.