The Arrival workshop at the Circus Space, 2010

The Arrival: Artist Commissions

As part of our forthcoming theatre-circus production The Arrival, Tamasha is commissioning different artists in the years leading up to the show. Each commission will result in a standalone piece inspired by themes of migration which can add layers of material and interpretation to the show in development.

The Arrival artist commisions are supported by London Councils Cultural Olympiad Fund.
London Councils is committed to fighting for more resources for London and getting the best possible deal for London's 33 councils. London Councils has a website about its grants service. To read about our grants funding and the work of some of the 300 groups we support please visit 

 London Councils is committed to fighting for more resources for London and getting the best possible deal for London's 33 councils. London Councils has a website about its grants service. To read about our grants funding and the work of some of the 300 groups we support please visit



Sheila Hayman Finding a Voice

A commission was awarded to BAFTA and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Sheila Hayman. Since 2004, Sheila has run Write for Life, the creative writing programme of the Medical Foundation, the UK's only charity dedicated to working with torture victims.

Sheila's commission, saw her run workshops with Write for Life participants and other groups which led to a short documentary film. Kristine worked with participants over 2 of the sessions and Sheila's resulting film looks at how Tamasha's intracultural practice can be used outside the rehearsal room to give confidence to writers keen to perform their own work to more accurately reflect the true nature of their experiences.

View a short version of the film below or click here to view online if you are unable to view below.


Tamasha will be screening the film to various groups over summer 2011. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Tamasha on .


Oswaldo Macia - Anxiety from A to B


A sound installation by Oswaldo Macia with Juan Toledo.

Click to listen to a 4 minute excerpt ›

"The people of the world are on the move and the scale and ceaselessness of human migration today is greater than ever before. As a result, cities, countries and continents are changing beyond recognition. Traditions, cultures, languages and ways of living are slowly, but perceptibly being metamorphosed into new forms, most of them hybrids containing both the hosting culture and that of the new arrivals.

"Migration and the associated emotions of expectation, fear and anxiety which are generated in all of us at the point of departure is the central theme of a new sound piece by Oswaldo Macia. The work has been commissioned by Tamasha Theatre Company to complement its forthcoming combined arts-theatre-circus performance The Arrival which is currently in development with The Circus Space. The production is inspired by the visual language of Shaun Tan’s graphic novel - 'a migrant story told as a series of wordless images that might seem to come from a long forgotten time.’ 

"The starting point of Macia’s 18-minute sound piece “Anxiety from A to B” were four workshops carried out in four different London boroughs (Redbridge, Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets) over a period of two months. In those workshops, ideas about migration, its advantages – politically, economically and culturally - and downfalls plus its visible and not so visible effects in society were discussed. Most of the workshops were with young people - themselves products of the migrations that have made London the most diverse city in the world. 

"After the workshops, a more abstract notion of what the sound piece should be emerged. “Anxiety from A to B” echoes the human perspective present in the migrating journeys completed by so many of us. In many cases, these are journeys of epic proportions, full of danger and uncertainty; and always charged with a sense of anticipation and foreboding. Thus, Macia has constructed an abstract sound narrative where the sounds of medical instruments represent sentiments such as anxiety and fear - unquantifiable but part of our human essence- to act as a reminder of the emotional landscape of millions of migrants.

"Macia not only alludes to powerful emotions, in terms of sounds and tones, but his sculpture is a sonorous analogy of the actual act of moving. “Anxiety from A to B” travels between two speakers with the audience seated on a bench in the centre, as if they were waiting at a country’s point of entrance. The actual sounds are a series of repetitions that can be interpreted as a metaphor of multitudes of large groups of people travelling long distances. Equally, its apparent sparseness symbolises the monotony, boredom and ennui that accompany any long journey whilst punctuated by the sonic palpitations of a collective heart sheltering feelings of anticipation and expectation. 

"The piece does not contain one single sound effect; all is done in sequential repetitions using the sound of medical instruments, arm straps and ventilators. What Macia has done is to present us with a narrative which, without voices or overpowering sounds, manages to convey in us at the same time sentiments of both uneasiness and hope, which are not dissimilar as those we experience when embarking on a journey from A to B that would change us for good."


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