The Arrival special events

The Arrival Collaborators & Special events

10th & 13th (8pm) April at Jacksons Lane - Woven Gold appearance
11th & 13th (matinee) April at Jacksons Lane - Souvenirs post-show performance

Tamasha is thrilled to be working with iceandfire, Write to Life and Woven Gold on a series of creative projects and events around the themes of migration and asylum that will accompany performances.

Souvenirs by Christine Bacon, directed by Kristine Landon-Smith
A Tamasha collaboration with iceandfire and Write to Life

“What happened to me, the marks on my body, the memories, they are going to be my souvenirs”
Tracy, Write to Life participant

Some performances of The Arrival will be preceded by Souvenirs – a moving, short piece based on the testimony of and performed by participants from Write to Life about their experiences of adapting to life in London and the daily challenges they face.

‘Writing ‘Souvenirs’ was, in essence, a process of getting to know five remarkable individuals who endured the violent repression of their governments and who came to the UK in order to save their lives. I am in awe of their courage.’
Christine Bacon, Artistic Director, iceandfire
iceandfire explores human rights stories through performance

Write to Life, Freedom from Torture's creative writing group (the longest running writing group for torture survivors in the world) provides participants with a creative outlet for their experiences and a way to explore the torture from their past and the difficulties of living in exile.

“After our first collaboration with Tamasha around ‘The Arrival’ on the short film ‘Finding a Voice’ about performance, it was thrilling to have the chance to put those lessons into practice, in a piece of theatre where our writers tell their own stories, crafted into a powerful script.”
Sheila Hayman, Write to Life Coordinator

Woven Gold - musical collaborators
Woven Gold, the music group at the Helen Bamber Foundation, has collaborated with Tamasha on the composition of original choral pieces for the production, drawn from traditional community lullabies and will appear during the shows on the above dates.

‘Woven Gold is made up of refugees escaping cruelty from Kurdistan, Pakistan, Burma, Georgia, Iran and many African countries, led by professional UK musicians who give their time. The opportunity to collaborate with actors and circus artists, contributing their own songs, is an exciting new venture for the group.’
Annie Blaber, Woven Gold