Photo: Robert Day

The Trouble with Asian Men

Created by Kristine Landon-Smith,
Sudha Bhuchar and Louise Wallinger

Directed by Kristine Landon-Smith

Australia dates: 6-7, 9-11 Nov, 2012
Parramatta Town Hall, Jubilee Hall, Sydney, Australia as part of Parramasala Festival
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"Highly entertaining enough to make you snort with laughter”
The Guardian

The Trouble with Asian Men is the revealing verbatim comedy which has played to sell-out houses across the UK since premiering in 2005, and most recently played at the Underbelly as part of the Edinburgh Fringe 2011. The show has been invited to the Parramasala Festival in Sydney in November 2012, and will feature new material from Australian interviews and a local guest performer (actor or comedian) each night. The core cast are Amit Sharma and Niall Ray.

Macho men or metrosexual guys? Mummy’s boys or blokes under their missus’ thumbs? Self-made entrepreneurs, pukka professionals and successful executives with their Mercedes Benz lives and designer clad wives - but does the fire still burn in their bellies? Husbands, sons, uncles, brothers and fathers – these successful, soulful and spirited Asian men have come a long way from their origins but they’ve all got roots! The Trouble with Asian Men reveals the experiences of Asian men through their own eyes, in their own words.  

Real interviews with men and women from the UK and Australia are relayed to, and recreated by, the actors during the performance – a process which allows the actors to expose the idiosyncrasies of human speech and the spirit of the people they represent. The result is a vital, tender and often hilarious insight into lives that surround us everyday. 

Parramasala is an international contemporary arts festival that celebrates the global impact of South Asian arts and cultures.

"Glorious, not to say essential viewing."
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