Under commission

Four writers are currently under commission, all of whom came to us through the Tamasha New Writing course. These plays were developed and staged as works-in-progress in March 2010 as part of the Propeller project.

Ours is the Sun and the Breezes

by Avaes Mohammad

Through the passionate and resilient marriage of Shahid and Zaibun, Avaes poetically explores how the shattered vision of Bhutto’s Pakistan mirrors the broken dreams of Pakistani immigrants in northern England in this poignant two-hander.

Avaes is an established playwright, poet and performer.  In 2005 he was recipient of the Amnesty International Media Award for his poem Bhopal, broadcast as part of the BBC’s commemoration of the Bhopal gas disaster. Works for theatre have included In God We Trust and Shadow Companion.  He has also written Bora Bistrah for Radio 3, as well as Take It Slow, a short film co-produced by the BBC.  

Avaes is now one of Tamasha’s Associate Artists as a writer in 2010/2011, working with filmmaker Kuldip Powar to set up a Tamasha Writers' Group and Scratch Night and to explore how the relationship between writers and film-makers can be deepened through shared exchange.


by Em Hussain 

A tale of love, lust and betrayal set in the Pakistani community of northern England, based on Lorca’s tragedy Blood Wedding. Em Hussain  first explored the fallout from fractured family ties in her debut play for Tamasha, Sweet Cider. In Blood, she digs deeper into the heart of those urban lives inextricably linked to rural ties that have taken root in the soil of contemporary Britain.

Em has worked extensively as a workshop practitioner specialising in pupil referral units. As a spoken word artist, she has performed nationally and internationally and toured with the Benjamin Zephaniah Band. As well as having a third research commission with Tamasha, she is also a writer in development with Kali Theatre and Half Moon Young People’s Theatre and has a pending attachment with the Royal Court Theatre. She is currently writing her first feature film set in Bristol.


by Ishy Din

It is the sixth anniversary of T’s death. His four friends meet up in their local snooker hall, as they do every year, to celebrate T’s life.  But as they excavate the past and measure their own lives against T’s, things threaten to explode. Secrets are revealed and allegiances shift as quickly as the drinks are downed. Can they put to rest the guilt they feel over T’s untimely death? And will their friendship survive the final betrayal?

Ishy Din has a great sense of comedy and Snookered is peppered with the wonderful Punjabi-English urban patois that is developing in northern towns.

Lotus Beauty

by Satinder Chohan

Set in a London beauty salon, we eavesdrop on the lives of the clients and therapists where their extraordinary worlds are revealed. Truth is stranger than fiction, and Lotus Beauty is inspired by verbatim research in west London. Secrets, lies, murder and suicide are all unearthed as bikini lines are waxed and hair dyes applied. Beauty hurts and so does life.

Satinder has worked extensively in journalism, publishing, documentary research and new media, often around South Asian issues. She began developing her first play Zameen with Kali Theatre Company who produced the play at Soho Theatre.  Satinder was one of the emerging writers resident at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre before receiving a grant from the Arts Council to develop Zameen in both India and the UK. In 2008, Zameen embarked on a national tour. She is currently developing Kabaddi-Kabaddi-Kabaddi with Pursued by a Bear and writing a feature film set in her home town of Southall. She is one of five writers on attachment at Hampstead Theatre.